Taking Care Of Your Eyes

It is very important that we take care of our eyes.  If we don’t take care of our eyes we can end up with vision problems, health problems and could ultimately become blind.  If this happens, then there isn’t much more a doctor can do for us. 

When we are young our eyes are strong and healthy.  As we get older however, we may start to have issues with our eyes which can cause issues with us doing basic tasks.  In some instances we can go in for a lasik eye surgery consultation to see if we are a candidate or we can go in and see if other surgical procedures are possible.  Before this is a priority for us, we should look at ways of protecting our eyes.

Don’t stare into the sun

The sun is a very bring object.  As we live our lives and we do things on a daily basis the sun will shine down on us.  This isn’t an issue in itself, however, there will be times when we hit just right angle that the sun could do some real damage.  When this occurs don’t look directly into the sun.

Eat vegetables

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Carrots and other vegetables are a great source for vitamins and minerals that can be used to improve our overall eye health.  When we consume these foods they are broken down and absorbed into our bodies.  What is absorbed is then used as fuel to fix, improve and work with our eyes.

Rest your eyes

We use our eyes all the time.  As long as we are awake we are using our eyes to tell us about our surroundings.  Over time and depending on what we are doing, the environment and other factors our eyes will become tired.  When this happens you want to close your eyes and rest them so the stress and strain can go away.