Why Get An X-Ray?

There are many medical procedures and techniques that are needed during different parts of our lives.  When it comes to medical exams, many people are nervous and unsure of what to do.  When it comes to an x ray procedure in Sparta here are a few reasons why you might need one.

Broken bone

The first reason that you want to get an x-ray is because you have a pain or discomfort in your bones.  You may have fallen and landed on your side, tripped over something while walking or worse yet, you are injured in an accident.  When we use an x-ray in these situations, we can easily look inside ourselves and see what is going on.

Something is lodged in our bodies

x ray procedure in Sparta

There may come a time when you fall on a nail or are struck by something that gets lodged under the skin.  In these situations, you will want to have an x-ray performed. When you have an x-ray in these situations the doctor can see what is lodged under the skin and exactly what they need to do in order to remove it.


Dentist will use an x-ray to look into your mouth and see how your teeth are growing, what decay has occurred and what teeth may need to be repaired or pulled.  When you get an x-ray of your teeth you will quickly see how well you have been taking care of your teeth.


A condition that occurs as we get older or if we have constant injuries is known as arthritis.  Arthritis is basically a buildup of calcium on your bones.  Depending on where it is located it can be very painful.  After getting an x-ray of your arthritis the doctor can determine if they can go in and remove it or not.