Oh; Good, We’re Going For A Massage

It is high time. Finally! At last! Let me tell you quickly why we’re just so overjoyed to be going for a massage near me in Hillsboro OR. It’s been a while, you see. Usually, it would have been regular. As in going in for a massage at least once week. No time and trouble at all. Just thirty minutes out of the junk that you call a typically busy week. And its exhausting at times! It’s been exhausting lately. A slip. A slip of the mind.   

massage near me in Hillsboro OR

You get like at that after a while. You get like that after your body’s been hammered one too many times. What happens when the body and mind grow so tired. Exhausted! You start to forget things. You even forget to go in for a massage. This is what happened to us. But now we’re just so glad it’s over. It’s all over now. Time to start again. Carry on from where we left off last. Start feeling like decent human beings again.

Start feeling younger in years. Feel the stiffness and soreness ooze away, like honey dripping off and down a favorite stack of jacks. Not that we’re having much of that these days. Been cutting down on the puddings. Watching the weight. Going to the gym now too. Missed it a lot lately. When we started to forget things. Like conveniently forgetting to go to the gym. And forgetting to go in for a massage. One day you’ll forget to go to the bathroom.

What that must feel like. Whatever next. High stress levels. High anxiety. Poof! Gone in a flash. Well, not quite. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Usually a few hours after you’ve taken that sweet massage of yours.